Lottery for The Book of Mormon at the Pantages Theatre, Hollywood

The Book of Mormon, currently at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood (Hollywood Blvd and Vine St) till May 11, is not to be missed!  We won the ticket lottery, held daily before shows!  Sign ups start 2.5 hours before show time.  A half hour later, they will draw names for whatever tickets they have available (for us it was 26 seats, all front row.)  Each name may purchase 1 or 2 tickets, for $25 each (cash only.)


(Logo is property of The Book of Mormon)

I thought on a Tuesday after a rain that our odds would be better–nay!  At 6pm when the drawing began, I estimated 80-100 other hopefuls with wide eyes and big dreams, all hoping for the prize just as much as I was.  Anyway, the point is, try not to get your hopes up, but keep trying!  It’s all luck.  If you live in LA, just keep trying!  After the lottery was drawn, they DID offer the remaining people the option to buy a number of tickets for $45 (still an excellent price!), which we would have taken advantage of had we not won (BUT WE DID, WE WON!!!)

I LOVED this show!  I spent most of the show with my jaw dropped and a smile on my face (yes, at the same time), laughing bellowing man laughs, and either slapping my knee all over the place, pointing furiously, or raising my hands and arms to the sky: a salute I like to call a cross between “Oh no, they didn’t!” and “YES, JESUS!”)  My boyfriend–who is not at all a theatre person–also loved it, although he expresses himself simply with laughter like a normal person.

I feel I must show my appreciation for the cast by pointing out how PHYSICAL the show is.  The movement and dancing, the singing and harmonies… it is PHY.SY.CAL!  Those Mormons are working their butts off, so when that curtain call starts to play, you’d better JUMP TO STANDING!!!  They earn it!!  Six nights and 8 shows week!

Click here for more INFORMATION.

The cast will move south to the Segerstrom Center of Costa Mesa (formerly the Orange County Performing Arts Center) from May 13-25, however it appears that lottery tickets may not be available, so get them while you can in Hollywood!

**Disclaimer:  May not be suited for parties easily offended or sensitive to adult content and language.  May be inappropriate for children.  It is generally a good idea research content of any production before becoming a patron.**


The Book of Mormon OBC performs “Hello!” at the Tony Awards! (featuring Ricky Martin, Matthew Broderick, and other surprise guests!)

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