Back In Business, And Ain’t It Grand!

Hello, My Darlings.

I’ve been MIA, and for that I apologize.  Nick and I have been busy building up our new entertainment business!  I’m sure most of you either know or can imagine that starting up a small business is exhausting both mentally and financially.  Whew!  But we know we can expect great things to come from it.  And although my depleted bank account is screaming at me like someone else’s child on an airplane, we’re staying positive and excited for the future, and only crying a LITTLE bit!  (To check out a little of what we’ve been working on, check out!)

Also, my personal website is up at!  Thank you, Lisa at Starving Artists Web Design!  We love our new sites!

Wow, I really haven’t written since the Les Miz trailer, how embarrassing.  WELL, since then, Anne won the Oscar so she sure showed us all.  I was actually very pleased with her performance!  I thought she did an excellent job!  Not everyone felt the same, but once again, art is subjective.  I did hear that they used a different vocal take for that trailer… Which maaaaakes me wooooonder if they set it all up… Made us expect her to suck, so when she was good, it made her look even BETTER as our expectations were low.

Speaking of Lowered Expectations, how bout a throwback clip from the youtube?

Yeah, you’re welcome.

I’ll keep this short for now, although you can expect more rants and raves from me soon.  I’ve got my sassy pants on and an ass that won’t quit.   Deal with it.

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